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Developed by the creators of   , TVO mPower has enhanced math learning in classrooms across Ontario since 2016. Each of the 65+ games maximizes learning and fun to inspire math mastery. It’s the perfect complement to existing math learning, especially during this time of Learn at Home. Best of all, it’s free for all Ontario families.

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Why TVO Learn mPower?

Activate, apply and master critical K-6 math and STEM skills, as outlined in the Ontario curriculum

TVO mPower focuses on tougher-to-learn math concepts, with a goal to enhance skill mastery, confidence and math progression.

Free for use by all Ontario families

No required registration fees or in-game purchases. TVO mPower is funded by TVO, a public agency with a mandate in digital education and a registered charity focused on igniting potential through the power of learning. We do what we do to help ensure the best future for your children.

Safe and advertising-free

Each player’s game world belongs to him or her, providing a set of closed games with no advertising. This ensures no unwanted visitors or external participants.

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Join Thousands of Ontario Educators Who Trust TVO mPower

Learn why educators recommend TVO mPower.

Join thousands of Ontario educators who trust TVO mPower

Learn why educators recommend TVO mPower

TVO mPower was developed in partnership with Ontario educators, play tested, and broadly adopted into Ontario classrooms. Teachers were so enthusiastic about the results that we decided to extend the offering to parents and caregivers.

Learn at home

Recommended by Ontario educators and parents, TVO mPower is a perfect way to boost K-6 math and STEM skills while learning at home. Games can be enjoyed on their own; as a fun “break” to video calls, lessons, and worksheets; or incorporated as a complement to math lessons and practice, with some added direction to point the students in your life towards games that reinforce specific curriculum strands.

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Engaging games that build math skills

Explore Just a Few

Over, Under, In Between (Kindergarten)

Find missing objects at the park with help from a few friends! Is the water bottle under the bridge? Use the positional language in the clues to locate the objects.

Skill: Spatial Reasoning

Geo Tundra Trek (Grade 2)

Bundle up, Geo Adventurer! Identify and sort shapes for the hungry polar bear and the hopping arctic hare. Create shapes on the geoboard for the snuffling caribou.

Skills: Shapes, Sorting, Spatial Reasoning

Polar Pictures (Grade 4)

Join the photo expedition! Pack supplies, deliver cargo, and snap photos. Represent, compare and order fractions to have your photographs featured in publications!

Skills: Equality, Number, Sorting, Spatial Reasoning

Flight Zone (Grade 6)

Design, build, and test a flying drone in this STEM design challenge. Use your piloting skills and the properties of flight to deliver goods and supplies to remote locations.

Skills: Equality, Spatial Reasoning, STEM

Unlock learning potential

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Whether TVO mPower is played for fun, or as a complement to existing math learning, it promises to transform how students learn math. The games make learning engaging and impactful by integrating math and STEM concepts into “real world-settings” to build math understanding and foster the discovery of interesting Ontario towns, occupations, and social science concepts. As children progress, games build on previously learned skills, further cementing math confidence and skill mastery.

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